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A Beginner’s Guide To Becoming An Influencer


Social media influencers are all the rage right now. They are best described as people with the ability to influence large numbers of potential buyers, subscribers, and users. From the way we look to the things we buy, we all have a favourite influencer whom we look to for advice. With the growing popularity of influencer marketing, it is only natural that people are becoming increasingly curious about how to become an influencer. This article will give you the perfect jumpstart to your influencer journey.

At the outset, you need to set up an Instagram Business account. It will give you access to a wide variety of features and help you grow a follower base. As we all know, the more the merrier. This applies to your follower count as well. The business account comes with a built-in analytical tool that gives you a treasure trove of data about your followers. Right from when your followers are most active to where they are from, Instagram Insights has it all. By tracking these analytics regularly and tweaking your strategy accordingly, you can improve your reach, reach new audience groups and increase your following count.

The next step is to pick a niche. It is important to define yourself and what you do properly so that the right viewers can find you. Is baking your primary interest? Do you like to draw? Are you extremely funny? Or are you into fitness? Whatever it may be, there’s always scope to add your unique flair to your preferred niche, even if it happens to be a highly saturated interest area. Hence, it’s best to pick one (or two) fields or interest areas that you’re best at and start from there.

Now, moving on to your page aesthetics. The colours, look and feel, layout, etc., is the first thing your potential followers encounter when they visit your profile. This split-second decision by the viewer can make or break your influencer career. More than just ‘looking pretty’, your aesthetic improves brand recognition and can help your brand grow.

Next, we have content curation. Giving your copies and descriptions a unique voice will help you stand apart. Go the extra mile to add fresh perspectives, trends, opinions, and POVs to your content. Additionally, remember to use the right hashtags to give your content leverage to reach the right audience. The frequency at which you post is also crucial to your growth. As a rule of thumb, don’t post more than once a day or more than five times a week.

Finally, capitalize on trends. Moments marketing has gained worldwide traction in the past year. As a budding Instagram influencer, make sure you hop on the trends that keep making a splash on social media. By doing so, you become part of a larger conversation. Users and audiences looking to be a part of that conversation are more likely to find you and engage with you if you have content surrounding their interests. 

With great influence comes great responsibilities. Apart from these tips, always remember to spark conversations in the comments, befriend PR firms, understand your followers, and diversify your platforms at a later stage. Remember, success doesn’t happen overnight, but with consistency and commitment to your social channels, you’ll soon reap the fruits of your labour. All the best!


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