SOON: AmazonBasics to be Banned?

This week on the social media and digital marketing podcast we’re talking about Meta’s NFT plans, the Open App Markets Act and Google’s efforts to help car dealerships. We’d also like to take this opportunity to wish you a […]

Social Media Marketing Strategy For H&H Essentials

SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING SERVICES FOR H&H ESSENTIALS The plan of action for the home essentials brand is to complete the lifestyle shots of the products like chopsticks with a view to distribution online. When it comes to the styled shots […]

Google’s page Experience coming to Desktops

Google’s Page Experience Score is coming to Desktop. This week on the social media and digital marketing podcast we’re talking about Google’s page Experience score coming to Desktop, Facebook’s lawsuit from the FTC, and Apple being forced to accept […]

Website Building Services for GoBDTech

WEBSITE BUILDING SERVICES FOR GODBTECH GoBDTech is an insurance software provider that assists businesses in providing digital solutions for value-based insurance. GoBDTech’s insurance specialisation has elevated them to the top of the industry without sacrificing security or integrity. It also […]

Key Vitals Measured by Google Fit on iPhones

KEY VITALS MEASURED BY GOOGLE FIT ON IPHONES Now, you can measure your respiratory and heart rate on your iPhone just by using cameras. So cool, isn’t it? It was first introduced on Android phones. Now, it has come to iPhones […]

Google is in trouble, thanks to Joker

GOOGLE IS IN TROUBLE THANKS TO JOKER Color Message, an android application having more than 500,000 downloads from the Play Store has been found hosting malware that signs users up to very expensive subscriptions as found by Pradeo Security. Color Message […]

High Intensity Influencer Marketing


INFLUENCER MARKETING COMPANY As human beings, we have this tendency to trust the opinions of those people who we look up to. We get inspiration from these people and we trust their decisions and allow them to influence us. In […]