Taxi Aggregators on Social Media

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TAXI AGGREGATORS ON SOCIAL MEDIA The app-driven taxi service has seen a surge in usage since they were introduced to the market. Over INR 700 crores are brought in by the market leaders in this extremely competitive market, which is […]

Facebook Developers Conference by the Numbers

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FACEBOOK DEVELOPERS CONFERENCE BY THE NUMBERS Facebook hosted its annual developers conference named F8 earlier in the year. The total strength of attended developers is unclear, but definitely crossing the 2,500 mark, people from all over the globe attended the […]

Facebook Tools For Marketers

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FACEBOOK TOOLS FOR MARKETERS With upwards of 2 billion active daily users, Facebook is undoubtedly the most popular social network in the world, and that isn’t going to change anytime soon, considering that it owns 60% of the global social […]

InMobi vs. AdMob

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INMOBI VS ADMOB Getting into business with a mobile advertising network is an effective way for publishers and app developers to generate some active income from their respective websites, and benefit from monetizing their mobile applications by selling ad spaces […]

Instagram for Business

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INSTAGRAM FOR BUSINESS Instagram has become one of the monumental elements of social media and digital marketing for businesses. With a billion registered users, more than half of which are a part of the active daily user base, and over […]


NAKATEKI Nakateki is an evening + holiday wear brand built on the principles of femininity and freedom. The brand believes in an unmissable way of dressing, specialising in beautiful evening wear and holiday outfits in simple yet bold colours and […]

The Largest Publishers on Facebook

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THE LARGEST PUBLISHERS ON FACEBOOK Facebook is still the platform that provides the highest reach for publishers. Even if you disregard the tremendous performance that paid and promoted campaigns bring, the tech giant has the potential to obliterate the competition […]

An Overview of LinkedIn Career Pages

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AN OVERVIEW OF LINKEDIN CAREER PAGES LinkedIn has more than 740 million users, with over 260 million of them being active on the platform on a monthly basis. These statistics make the platform the largest professional social network in the […]