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Brand Building And Lead Generation For A Image Retouching Business


  1. Our strategy will be a two-pronged approach of brand building and lead generation.

  2. For Brand Building, we will be using social media marketing. Our main platform will be Instagram, with a cross-sharing activity to Facebook, and Pinterest.

  3. On Social Media, we will take care of creating a content calendar which will cover our projects, news in teh field of image processing, trends and techniques. We will create posts, using the photos provided, add descriptions and optimize hashtags.

  1. We will also take care of response management on social media.

  2. On the lead generation front, we will be using a combination of SEO and SEM.

  3. For SEO, we will be picking 10 keywords, location centric and optimizing the website for the same, by adding regular content and building backlinks.

  4. For SEM - we will be selecting keywords, creating ad copies, and landing pages for the ads to run (Pay Per Click).

  5. We will also be optimizing the bid and keywords regularly to enhance the ads.

  6. The SEO process will take upto eight months, but will last longer; the SEM process will be instant, and wil result in leads. Eg. "Image Retouching Services in Chennai"

  7. We will be setting up a Data Studio report to ensure that this process is tracked and monitored.

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