Photography And Product Catalogue Designing For Ayurgenie

PHOTOGRAPHY AND PRODUCT CATALOGUE DESIGNING FOR AYURGENIE Ayurgenie is a Chennai-based beauty and wellness e-brand, that curates and offers Ayurveda-infused products for hair and skin care. Their product line includes an assortment of handmade soaps infused with nature-friendly ingredients, an […]

Social Media Marketing and Advertising For Leaderzwalk

SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING AND ADVERTISING FOR LEADERZWALK A company in the education sector, Leaderzwalk is a brand that promotes and provides life skill education to people of all age groups. Based out of Noida, Uttar Pradesh, Leaderzwalk strongly believes that […]

Social Media Advertising and Marketing for uWin

SOCIAL MEDIA ADVERTISING AND MARKETING FOR UWIN. uWin is a lifestyle application that is available for free download on Android Playstore. This holistic application, brings to its users in Mauritius, exciting discounts, gift coupons, flash sales, points, and vouchers in […]

Social Media Advertising Services for MIHAS

SOCIAL MEDIA ADVERTISING SERVICES FOR MIHAS The Malaysia International Halal Showcase is one of the most popular Malaysian-based events for local and international businesses to thrive in the Halal trade and contribute to the global Halal economy. In 2021, MIHAS […]

Social Media Marketing Services for Elixify

SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING SERVICES FOR ELIXIFY Located in Chennai, Elixify is a healthcare brand that specialises in treating individuals with skin, hair, or cosmetic issues. The brand is built by a renowned dermatologist and offers top services such as Laser […]