By the Bay Restaurant

By the Bay Restaurant By The Bay, is a scenic sea-facing restaurant, located in VGP Golden Beach Resorts, which serves a wide range of dishes with beautiful flavors. Apart from authentically delicious food, this restaurant comes with the perks of a brilliant location and a breathtaking ambiance with the sea view and the soothing soundContinue reading “By the Bay Restaurant”

Platinum Promoters

PLATINUM PROMOTERS Platinum Promoters & Developers is an organisation dedicated to constructing projects and buildings designed for comfortable living. The brand works with conceptual drawing and designing, project development, building specifications, renovations, and construction. Based in Chennai, Platinum Promoters and Developers are built by highly qualified professionals and have worked on successful projects. isContinue reading “Platinum Promoters”

Evergreen Sisters

Evergreen Sisters The Evergreen Sisters is a YouTube channel hosted by Jeydevi and Jeypreetha, fondly known as ‘Evergreen Sisters’. Following their journey to Canada, the sisters, who are also loving moms, decided to start their YouTube channel to showcase their lifestyle in Canada, explore shopping in the country, make vlogs, and also share some greatContinue reading “Evergreen Sisters”

VOLT Style Bar

VOLT Style Bar VOLT Style Bar is a luxury salon and spa in Chennai that specializes in luxury salon services, and is well known for their great customer service. Located in Chennai, the Style Bar offers services including hair spas, bridal packages, hair prosthetics, nail art and nail extensions, eyelash extensions, manicures and pedicures, andContinue reading “VOLT Style Bar”

Akshay Jewellers

Akshay Jewellers Akshay Jewellers is an Indian jewellery brand with a modern outlook on jewellery design. Beginning in 1915, Akshay Jewellers carries the tradition of trust with their brand and customers. Their modern jewellery designs added to their brand value, which is now recognised across the jewel industry in India. Their range of products includeContinue reading “Akshay Jewellers”

The Paradox of Choice and Instagram Reels || Digital Marketing Weekly ||

THE PARADOX OF CHOICE AND INSTAGRAM REELS : HERE’S  WHY INSTAGRAM REELS ARE SLOWLY FAILING   Yes, you read that right. It may seem impossible, given that you were probably scrolling through your Instagram reels feed before reading this article and will go back to it after, but Instagram reels are seeing a decline in theirContinue reading “The Paradox of Choice and Instagram Reels || Digital Marketing Weekly ||”

Super Saravana Stores Super Jewellery

SUPER SARAVANA STORES SUPER JEWELLERY Super Saravana Stores Super Jewellery is the premium jewellery brand by Super Saravana Stores. At Super Jewellery one can browse a variety of collections in gold, diamond, platinum, and silver jewels options, as well as gifting ornaments. Super Saravana Stores Super Jewellery not only promises beautiful, well crafted jewellery, butContinue reading “Super Saravana Stores Super Jewellery”