Social Media Marketing for an Online Learning Brand

SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING FOR A ONLINE LEARNING BRAND The strategy for the online learning brand is divided into three parts – social media marketing, advertising (paid to Facebook and Google) and Influencer marketing. When it comes to social media marketing […]

Digital Marketing Strategy for a Cloud Kitchen Brand

DIGITAL MARKETING STRATEGY FOR A CLOUD KITCHEN BRAND When it comes to the strategy for the Spices and Cloud Kitchen brand (to be launched) we will divide it into three parts: Youtube content creation and advertising, social media marketing, social […]

Influencer Marketing Services for Home Serve in India


INFLUENCER MARKETING SERVICES FOR HOMESERVE IN INDIA Home Serve is an initiative by popular consumer durables and electronics dealer, Vivek’s, in India. The initiative provides reliable and affordable home services to customers including electrical, cleaning, carpentry, home appliance, and disinfection […]