Upgrades and (App)raises

On today's podcast, we’re discussing the upgrades and earnings of leading apps. Meta, Alphabet, X, and LinkedIn have been the talk of the town since their recent achievements. The update with Coach AI on

The Big T’s and Their Stories

Today's podcast delves into the world of the top three 'T's and their recent surge in popularity on social media. Twitter's transformation into X, Telegram's ascent to the big leagues, and TikTok's foray into

About Threads

Elon Musk launched Threads?!

In today’s episode, we’re talking about Google targeting Gen Z for ads, which sounds good considering most of their audience is Gen Z. In other news, we have Elon Musk launching Threads. Oh we’re

Big Tech Keeps Getting Bigger!

Stay up to date with this week’s episode of the Sociall.in podcast! We’re talking about all things tech, including TikTok’s beta launch of the TikTok Shop, Big Tech companies getting bigger, and Facebook and


Stay tuned as Pradeep Rajdas tells you what's going on with social media and digital marketing this week as well! At this Sociall.in Podcast, he talks about how Bing chat is taking over and