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Content Marketing and Social Media Marketing Services for a Credit Company


  1. The strategy for the US credit company  is designed around building hype for the launch of the product in order to get more customers on the wait list.

  2. In order to achieve the stated objective we’re going to be using Facebook Instagram, Linkedin, Blog writing + Email marketing.

  3. When it comes to the social media side of things we’ll set up a content calendar which would cover the kinds of posts that would go out on Facebook, Instagram and Linkedin. .When it comes to Linkedin we’d “professionalize” our content with more coverage on the specifics of interest payments, and how they affect overall financial stability. On the Facebook and Instagram side of things we’d focus more on things like Customer Love (a la Discover), Let your card work for you, and Join the Debt-Free Club.

  4. When it comes to Blog content we’d create blogs explaining how our card works as opposed to the competition, the hidden fees people commonly fall prey to, and how people can master their finances. These blog posts will also be sent to our email subscribers in the form of bi-monthly mailers (email marketing software at actuals, based on subscriber count).

  5. We can also use paid ads (paid to Facebook and LinkedIn) in order to amplify the reach of our content and direct people. To our website in order to sign up of our mailing list. We can target people with existing credit cards and based on their age, location filters. We can also set up a Data Studio report which can track our email insights, web insights and social media insights in one place.

  6. Alternatively, subject to the brand providing the content we can engage in a purely strategic “marketing consultant” capacity. This would involve us providing content plans, working with the design team; and making partnership/ collab/website suggestions.


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