Content Marketing Services in Chennai

Content Marketing Services in Chennai

Content Marketing is unique in Chennai (and the south of India in general). Because of the local nature of the content that works, and the influencers/platforms used to distribute the content.

What is Content marketing Services anyway?

The Digital world has given us so many different forms of expressing ourselves. Brands take advantage of all these tools to create content that resonates with their target audience. Content Marketing, as should be obvious, is an amalgamation of two words – Content and marketing. Wherein Content refers to all the various types of content that a brand creates to meet its advertising goals. Marketing involves the various platforms and influencers that a brand selects to market its content.

What is the one rule of Content Marketing Services?

That it should be native. It’s the single biggest mistake that a brand can make in trying to scale an offline content to the digital plane or trying to scale content from one platform to the other. Square video works better on Facebook and Instagram, whereas good ole landscape is the way to go for YouTube. Native content also implies that there is a marked difference between a piece of content that forms the basis of a Content Marketing Strategy and a piece of content that is part of an advertising plan ie. content should not be too promotional.

How do we distribute/market your content?

Not only are we adept at creating professional content for digital that actually works, we work closely with social platforms and influences to distribute the content. No one creates awesome content and puts it in a bush surely?

Influencers are the new brand ambassadors. We work with micro influences from every category to distribute your message in a manner that is personal, targeted and persuasive. We bring the influencers to your events, get the coverage done, and aggregate the whole thing into reports that you can understand and take action based on.


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