Digital Marketing Agency in Chennai

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Digital Marketing Agency in Chennai

The term “Digital marketing company” or “Online Advertising Company” seems to have been become quite common of late, especially in Chennai, India. It looks like every day there is a new digital marketing agency (but which one is the best? And more, importantly, which one can you trust. Essentially, a digital marketing company/agency is an organization that helps promote your business online using platforms like Google, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram and the like.

Is there a difference between Digital Marketing and Online Advertising?

Not really. But if you really want to get into the details – an Online Advertising Agency may restrict itself to the release of ads on the digital platform, whereas a Marketing firm will create the content AND release ads online. Because the nature of digital is cyclical, a marketing company will also handle response management as a part of their service.

Can a traditional agency handle Digital?

Most of the time, no. A traditional agency by design thinks of large, full page ads in newspapers – where the customer is not targeted and there is no feedback coming in from the audience. There are also technicalities involved in activities like Search Engine Optimization which an “offline” agency will not fully want to get into. It’s always best to get a specialist digital marketing (there are even specialized social media marketing) company to do you promotion online.

Does it work for small business?

Because Digital is so exact in its targeting, it helps even a small budget go a long way – so, yes, Small Businesses can take advantage of platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Google to market themselves at a low cost which until now was not possible.

Can you get ROI from Digital Media Marketing?

Yes, you definitely can. It is important though that you define clearly what your Return is going to be. While it is easy to estimate what your investment is – the Time and Money you put into us (:))  – it’s not always clear to a business what their return should be. Everyone likes to get Likes, but everyone also would love to get paying customers. People measure return in terms of Views, Subscribers, Likes, Followers, Conversions, Leads and everything else in between. That’s why we sit with the brand and define clearly what the goal is before we start the marketing.

How important is content?

It is important. offers a great, budget-friendly digital marketing service for every business. Get in touch with us today to find out more.