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Digital Marketing Strategies for an MLM Consumer Brand


Expert social media marketing strategies
  1. The strategy for the MLM consumer brand is divided into two: organic marketing (retainer to include things like package design, label design, product presentation, SEO and social media marketing) and inorganic (perfWhormance based marketing paid to Google and Facebook)

  2. We can also structure the marketing along our two broad customer groups - that of MLM agents and that of end-customers. For the MLM agents we will work to both increase the number of signups into the program (that already has 10,000+ members) as well as serving as support collateral to help them markt us better. When it comes to the end customers - we will tout the advantages of the brand as a whole and the products in specific - health, price and quality.

  3. When it comes to Product packaging, label design, and presentation - these can be grouped under the heading "Product Related Brand activity". 


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  1. When it comes to SEO and Social Media Marketing - we will draw out a content calendar which will determine the kind of content that will be added to our website as well as posted on social media like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram and Google My Business. When it comes to the website content, it will be longer form and designed with Search Console Insights in mind. When it comes to social media - the content will be tweaked to best generate "word of mouth marketing". We will also have content in Hindi in order to facilitate a more localized reach. For content that is non-Hindi, we can take the help of local language translators (to be billed at actuals). We will create posts, photos, GIFS, stories and reels to engage customers across social media. Our content on Linkedin can be geared towards involving professionals in our MLM practice.

  2. As we post regular content on our website, and build backlinks for the same - over a period of 9 months the keywords will start ranking on the first page of Google organic Search. This will result in a higher brand trust factor.

Advertising campaigns on top social media platforms
  1. When it comes to the inogranic section (paid to Google, Facebook and Linkedin) we will be running ads on each of these platforms to target our two customer segments. the ads can be geo-fenced to areas where the respective target segment is strongest (and areas where it needs expansion). We can target by age, location, gender and interest. We can also personalize the ads based on the product being advertised.

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