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Digital Marketing Strategy for a Sustainable Food Brand in India


  1. The strategy for the sustainable food brand is divided into two parts - the first involves the preparation of a brand document that outlines thinkings like positioning and communication and the second involves the marketing of the brand on digital.

  2. When it comes to the branding activity - it is a one-time preparation of the brand story. Coveriung things like logo, colours, mascot, fonts, positioning, proposition and communication style. We'll set out the brand story, and prepare content around the products, and ideate on the potential ytarget customer. This will serve as a blueprint for the brand's marketing.

  3. Once we get into the marketing phase - we will draw out a content calendar for determining posts on social media - like Facebook, Instagram, Website and Google My Business. This will include posts, banners, GIFS, reels and videos. Ideas for content include a focus on sustainable production, climate change, and the economics of "eating green". We will also handle response management on the page.


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VGP Victory House, அண்ணா சாலை, Mount Road, Anna Salai, Triplicane, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600002.

Phone: 6385084122

  1. We will extend some of the marketing posts that we make on social media into offline collaterals (in terms of leaflets and pamphlets). This will help bring sync to the overall marketing.

  2. We will also be running ads *paid to Facebook) in order to enhance the visibility of the brand on social media. This will enable us to target people interested in sustainable living across the country, and prompt them to follow our brand and buy our products. 6. When we create content for the website (blogs) we will ensure that they are SEO optimizaed (on-page) and we will also build backlinks for the content. This will help us rank on teh first page of Google Search over a period of 8 months.

  3. We will also set up a Data Studio report which will help track performance in real-time.

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