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Digital Media Marketing Services For An E-Commerce Brand | Strategy


Digital Media Marketing Services For An E-Commerce Brand | Strategy

  1. We will be dividing the marketing into two phases, the first one involves owned media, and the second involves earned media.

  2. Under the first phase, we will be setting up our own social media pages and investing in Google Adwords and SEO to bring traffic to our website.At the end of the first quarter, we would be seeing upwards of 10,000 daily users.

  3. We will be designing posts, writing content and optimizing hashtags on our social media pages as per a content calendar (on Facebook, Instagram and Google My Business)

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Expert Online Campaign Management Services

Expert Online Campaign Management Services
  1. For an e-commerce player in the grocery and similar goods category, the question taht will invariably be asked is - "How is this product different from Amazon and Flipkart?". We will endeavour to answer that question using the content on our social media pages. We will explain to customers that if they shop on our website, we can offer them a saving of at least 20 percent when compared to other portals. We will also have content on the fact that we give direct cash to customers which they can use to purchase on our site - without pre-conditions.

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  1. We will also be optimizing and creating content on our website (SEO) and building backlinks so that our website ranks on the first page of Google Organic search for keywords like "Online grocery shopping in Chennai"

  2. We will be running and optimizing Google Adwords (Paid to Google) to generate traffic to the website for customers searching for terms like "groceries" in the target location (PPC).

  3. We will be setting up Data studio reports to monitor these insights in realtime. In the second phase, we will move towards influencer marketing (asking influencers with large following to post about our products and divert their users to our website to purchase)

Professional Search Engine Optimization Services

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