E-commerce stands for electronic commerce or internet commerce. This modern day terminology is used to talk about the buying and selling of goods and services online. It also refers to exchange of money and data for transactions made on the internet. While popular e-commerce sites sell physical products online for purchase by internet users across the world, there are sites that can only indicate commercial transactions that take place online. E-commerce is a relatively new concept, meaning it is less than 30 years old and only started taking place with the boom of internet and technology. Sociall.in offers e-commerce product description writing in Chennai.




E-commerce has four main types of models that entail online transactions between customers from across the world and business establishments on the internet.

  • Business to Consumer (B2C) – This refers to a business that sells goods and services to customers individually. For example, purchase of a dress online by a customer from an online retail store.
  • Business to Business (B2B) – This refer4s to a business selling their products or services to another business establishment. For example, a business purchasing a billing software from a business that develops and sells it.
  • Consumer to Consumer (C2C) – This refers to a consumer or customer selling a product or service that they have to another consumer or customer. For example, you selling your appliances online to another customer as a 2nd hand product.
  • Consumer to Business (C2B) – This refers to a consumer selling products of their own or services that they generate themselves to a business. For example, a photographer licensing their photographs to be used by another business.


E-commerce is designed for customers. They are meant for people who visit the website with an intention to make a purchase. Customers should be able to easily find the products they are looking for, and most importantly find the right information they need about the products they are searching for or the products that they are about to purchase. A well informed consumer can make a good purchase decision only when your website can provide enough information about each of the products you offer. In this case, your products will require quality content to describe the product with as much detail as possible, in a language that is simple to read and understand by the customer. Sociall.in offers quality e-commerce product description writing in Chennai that will help boost the quality of content on your website.




Your businesses e-commerce site must be designed with good quality content, and a great experience to offer each shopper that visits the site. This adds credibility to the site and builds trust between your site and the customer so the customer always chooses you first. The information on your site is very important this way.

As an e-commerce website, you will not be able to communicate with every customer that visits the site, like a store manager would interact with every visitor that steps into a physical retail store. But this can work to your advantage as you wouldn’t need to hire that store manager to take care of your walk-ins. Quality content and product descriptions will take care of that for you, by providing your customers with the product information they need and answering any queries they may have about the product.


  • Benefits of having product descriptions – Product  descriptions are more than just paragraphs of text on a website under each product. They carry vital information on the product for customers to refer to when they are shopping online. This is very essential to help the customer make a decision to purchase the product or not. User friendly product descriptions can work to a company’s advantage by convincing the customer to make the purchase, and thereby playing a very important role in the conversion rate.
  • Product descriptions can increase conversions – Customers may go through a plethora of products on your e-commerce website. They may have lots of options to choose from, they may be just browsing, or may shop with intent, looking for something specific to purchase. Your product description can help impact that purchase by a large percentage. A good quality and well written product description has the power to influence the customer’s decision to purchase the products, therefore resulting in more conversions for your site.
  • Product descriptions are great for SEO – Search engine optimization, or SEO, is an organic way to optimize a website and enhance its visibility on search engine listings. SEO can bring in great web traffic for your e-commerce website. For SEO, unique product descriptions can go a long way and benefit a website by improving the ranking of the product and increasing visibility online.

These are the some of the benefits that highlight e-commerce product description writing in Chennai, and Sociall.in offers the best services in this field.


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