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By now, most people know that there are over 100 million Facebook Business Pages. Even if Facebook had no other users apart from its business users. What a lot of people don’t appreciate is that there over 100 agencies in Tamil Nadu alone who handle Facebook Marketing for businesses. Which one is the best? Maybe the better question, is – Which one is best for you?

Should you market on Facebook?

With the explosion of Instagram, a question that we get asked often is whether a business should market on Facebook at all. Instagram has over 1 billion users as of today, but that’s still less than half of what Facebook has. Add to the fact that Facebook itself. which owns Instagram has tied the two services so closely together that it is now impossible to market on one without the other. Did you know that Facebook Ads Manager is the same platform? That we have to use to run ads on Instagram as well?

What are the elements of Facebook Marketing?

First, you need a plan. A plan should begin with your objective. What do you want to achieve through your Facebook Business Page is essential to how we handle it. When we start off a client we create a Social Media Marketing Plan, after an in-depth client understanding process. Let’s say, you want to spend 50 percent of the Facebook Advertising effort pushing users to your website for conversions, and the balance on building a brand. For getting users to your website – Facebook needs Facebook Website Click Ads. A lot of people don’t realize here that for the sake of leads, we can use Facebook Lead Capture ads instead of going through that extra step of diverting users to the website. Granted you lose out on website traffic, but what matters more at the end of the day?

How do we handle content?

We handle it well. The focus of our content has always been on keeping it real. We don’t believe in using images, that are not our own, language that will not appeal to the target audience, and position that defeats the brand. On average businesses see a jump of 15 percent when it comes to audience engagement once they shift over to Sociall.in.

Sociall.in is one of the few Facebook advertising agencies. That use Facebook the way human beings were meant to use it, and we market with a purpose. Contact us today to get your brand going strong on social media marketing


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