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Google Cuts Back On Search Ad Reporting

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Google Cuts Back On Search Ad Reporting and Whatsapp revisits the Idea of vacation mode!

Google Cutting Back On Search Ad Reporting!

Google is going to start limiting its reporting on Search Ads. The tech giant has announced they will start limiting their reporting service on the search ads run on Google. Until now, Google provided reports for every keyword that you ran search ads for. Google will now only report on keywords that have seen a “significant”, undefined as it stands, amount of traction.

Google already follows this practice on their Search Console and have now extended this to its Ad Service as well. The major effect will be felt by the user trying to target and add keywords as negatives to promote their brand in a certain way.

Google has said they took the measure “to maintain our standards of privacy and strengthen our protections around user data”

LinkedIn Stepping up their Game

LinkedIn is taking major steps to accommodate the growing crowd that is moving to its platform to socialise and organise. The recent updates by LinkedIn are targeted towards page admins making it easier for them to conduct and organise events, interact with followers, and engage effectively with their employees!

The Big Three Changes to hit LinkedIn in September 2020 are:

1. “My Company” Tab to be aimed at building a stronger employee community

2.  The "Events" tab to be meant for showcasing your upcoming events to drive viewership and engagement with target audiences

3. “View Page Followers” to get deep insight into the community you’re building.

If your business is on LinkedIn, go check it out!

Apple Is Introducing “Apple Ratings”

Apple is now following in suite of Google Maps and installing the option for users to post photos and reviews for places they visit. This comes as yet another blow to sites like Yelp and Trip Advisor that thrive on the review business.

Apple has announced that this feature will be only available to users above the age of 13 and all photos will be manually reviewed by a team before it is accepted by the app.

Although this is only available to IOS users, it’s expected to gain good traction in the North American and European user base where apple is commonplace in terms of devices. 

Facebook Watch Gets an Update!

Facebook is now customising its watch feature to include categories and subcategories. Similar to the Gaming Platform ‘Twitch’, Facebook is now introducing various categories and topics that viewers can choose from to streamline and watch specific type of content they want.

This also allows brands and people using Facebook as a medium to connect with their fan/client base to position themselves more clearly and be found easier on the platform itself.

A representative from Facebook also added this to the announcement:

“We’re working on more ways to connect people with videos that match their interests.”

A Vacation on Whatsapp!

Whatsapp has announced they are working once again on a vacation mode for Android users. A project that was undertaken nearly 6 months ago has not resurfaced. It seems to be built around 2 key features.

Notify new messages: it’s the current behavior. If you decide to disable it (when the feature will be available for everyone), you will activate “vacation mode”, so archived chats will continue to stay in the archive when new messages arrive.

Auto-hide inactive chats: this is an extension of the vacation mode. If enabled, a chat older than 6 months will be automatically archived. WhatsApp would need to change the description of this option as it’s not quite clear as of now. 


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