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Influencer Marketing For A Beauty Brand | Strategy

Influencer Marketing For A Beauty Brand

  1. The influencer marketing strategy for the beauty brand involves two phases: phase 1 would be a barter system-based engagement and phase 2 would be a paid engagement.

  2. When it comes to phase 1, we ’d identify a set of influencers in our target demographics and have products sent to them on a barter system.

  3. In phase 2, we ’d identify a certain set of high-profile influencers and have them post about the products we send to them on a barter + cash basis.

  4. We ’d take responsibility for identifying the influencers, negotiating barter/cash and executing the campaign

  5. We ’d also coordinate with the influencers to time-execute the campaign and collate the results in exchange for a handling fee.

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