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Influencer Marketing, Mall Activation, Social Media Marketing, and Social Media Advertising Strat...

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Influencer Marketing, Mall Activation, Social Media Marketing, And Social Media Advertising Strategy For A Hair Extension Brand

Creative social media advertising to boost business
  1. The strategy of the hair extension brand launch and ongoing marketing are mall activation, influencer hype creation, social media marketing.

  2. Timeline wise the first thing we’d do is finalize on a list of influencers to whom we’d send across a hype-kit which would have products ancillary to the actual hair extension product. We have them tag our official Instagram handles and create a few hype posts which would be a prelude to the mall activation.

  3. We’d take care of curating the influencers, having the kit put together (at actuals) and sending it across to them. We’d also plan the release of the content from the influencers and ensure that the correct hashtags and brand tags are mentioned.

  4. When we reach the mall activation stage, we’d select a mall and finalize rates/dates (at actuals) and then we’d curate the influencers to be part of the launch event. We’d create a highlights video of the launch event and finalize a vendor (at actuals) to fabricate and staff the stall for the day. We’d also manage the flow of content for the influencer mall activation.

  5. When it comes to the social media marketing (and advertising) we’d set up a content plan which would be pre-launch and post launch. The pre-launch we’d focus on addressing some of the common problems in the industry, about who it would be “nice” to have a solution, and curating the influencer content. In the post launch phase, we’d do monthly contests and influencer activation (optional) to have the page kept maintained. Content ideas would include things like time-challenges, lookalike posts, and tutorial reels.

  6. We’d also be running ads (paid to Facebook) in order to enhance the engagement of the content among target users and increase traffic to the website for conversion.

  7. We’d recommend a gradual scale up of advertising and content in a symbiotic manner; as the number of posts is directly proportional to the amount that needs to be spent to boost them on ads.

  8. We’d also recommend that the brand take active steps to list at prominent offline stores to build a larger sales footprint. We can provide what collaterals are required for the same at actuals. 

  9. We’d set up a Data Studio report to track the performance of the ad in real-time across website, social media content and ads.

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