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Influencer Marketing Strategies For A Skincare And Beauty Brand In India | Strategy


Influencer Marketing Strategies For A Skincare And Beauty Brand In India | Strategy

Influencer marketing with top Indian influencers
  1. The strategy for the skincare and beauty brand involves influencer marketing through a pan India set of beauty influencers; broken up into distribution of products, execution of the campaign (including Amazon reviews) and collating the reports.

  2. The first stage of the campaign will involve identifying the products to be promoted and the influencers in each metro city: Chennai, Bangalore, Delhi, Mumbai and so on.

  3. While selecting influencers, we will select females, in the follower count range of 15,000-100,000 on Instagram, who are open to brand collabs and post regular skincare content on their pages.

  4. We will divide the influencers into buckets based on the products, and send them the funds to make a purchase of the respective product on Amazon.

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  1. Once the product has reached the influencer, we will co-ordinate their execution of the campaign, including the Amazon review. We will make sure the content quality produced from the influencers meets our brand guidelines - in terms of hashtags, watermark and product positioning. When posting the review on Amazon, it will be necessary to make product disclosures.

  2. In terms of the kind of content - we would recommend Reels from the influencers, as this will assure at least 10 percent reach and engagement from the follower count of the influencer.

  3. We will take care of collating the insights from the influencers; in exchange for an influencer handling fee for the entire process.

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