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Influencer Marketing Strategies For A Tractor Brand | Strategy

Influencer Marketing Strategies For A Tractor Brand

Influencer marketing with top Indian influencers
  1. The plan of action for the tractor brand is to involve industry-specific influencers in a coordinated influencer marketing strategy.

  2. We ’d first come up with a campaign brief in consultation with the brand; which would help us determine the landing page, CTA, Hashtag, and creative for the campaign.

  3. We’d then shortlist select influencers with a sizeable following across platforms who produce content in our industry in regional languages.

  4. We ’d negotiate with these influencers to arrive at the best possible price; for the maximum reach and deliverables. This could take the form of Shorts, Shoutouts, and integrations/dedicated videos.

  5. We’d time the execution across the list of influencers to ensure that the reach builds up across a specific period; and will take charge of consolidating the results and making out payments to the influencers to get the desired output. We can have a graded handling charge system depending on the influencer payout levels.

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