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Influencer Marketing Strategy For A Premier Ed-Tech Brand | Strategy


  1. The strategy for the edtech brand will involve influencer marketing through prominent education centric YouTube Channels in order to increase the leads for admissions.

  2. We will be initiating the process by first identifying target YouTube influencers who would potentially have a strong following among our target audience. These would include Maths and Physics teachers, people who talk about self improvement, how to get a job and similar. They would have a minimum follower count of above 50,000 on YoUtube, and would be based in Tamil Nadu; and (poetntially) Andhra Pradesh.

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  1. We will engage with the Youtubers, to create dedicated videos promoting our program - explaining the benefits in a manner that their subscribers will understand and relate to. This will include things like guaranteed jobs, the industry experience of the faculty material; and the brand infrastructure provided.

  2. The sponsored videos will also include a form link in the description, from which we will track the conversions. From our experience it is estimated that a YouTuber with approximately 50,000 subs would be able to generate 200 enquiries from a sponsored video.

  3. We will be responsible for identifying the influencers, negotiating the price, ensuring the execution and form tracking, and collating the repots.

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