Everything you learn through school and college comes in handy once you’re out in the real world. An internship is one way to put your learnings to the test and develop your professional skills while also strengthening your personal character. We recognise the value of internships. Learn more about our digital marketing internships and the benefits of working for a company like Sociall.in.

If you’re a recent college graduate looking to kickstart your career, a professional looking to break up the monotony of a 9 to 5 job, or an individual looking to gain knowledge or exposure in a specific field, an internship is an ideal option for you.

Work experience is essential, and an internship with a reputable company can catapult you to new heights. This video features Srithi Satheesh, one of our most talented and hardworking interns in operations. She’s been an asset to Sociall.in since she’s been here, gaining knowledge and exposure on all things SEO and SEM. Let’s look deeper into her experience.

“Social Media + Marketing is something that makes my eyes sparkle. And knowing the social media marketing side of things, I wanted to learn and explore the other parts of DM – SEO, SEM, Ads, etc.,” Srithi says.


As Srithi points out, digital marketing is a broad field that is here to stay. Digital marketing is more than just social media, and understanding the nitty gritty of things like SEO, SEM, Ads, and operations can truly be used to solve real-world business problems like search engine ranking, optimization, and more.

“The people at Sociall.in have been amazing in addition to being great mentors, teaching and clearing all my doubts everytime. Tagging along with my mentors for client meetings, sales pitches, etc., helped me learn how to deal with different clients, and how well-prepared one must be with company research.”

The main benefits of working at a digital marketing company like Sociall.in are:

1. You gain exposure to real-world problems

2. You cultivate adaptability and creativity

3. You increase marketability to employers

4. You get hands-on opportunities to work with equipment and technology that may not be available on campus

5. You get to develop and refine your skills

Last but not least, when you intern at Sociall.in, you will have the opportunity to interact and network with a young and talented group of people who are just as interested in social media as you are!

As Srithi quotes, “The work culture is something I’ve admired since day one, where we have the whole company working as a team for everything, the coordination, the understanding, the communication and everything.”

Sociall.in, the original SPO company, was founded in 2013 and has always believed in growing alongside its employees. We seek candidates with a natural flair for both creativity and simplicity, because what is life without being creative in everything we aspire to do?

Are you looking for an internship to help you advance your career? Open that big window of opportunity today with Sociall.in and contact us right away to secure an internship that will help you achieve your career goals!



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