Saravana Stores’ very own in-house ice cream brand, Jamaai Ice Cream, takes over Chennai as a well-loved ice cream brand. They take great pride in their saying that “Ice cream is for everyone”, which is also their motto. So, what is it that makes Jamaai Ice Cream the very best? Their top quality, being 100% milk based and known to be extremely delicious. They are also well known for their retail shop’s clean environment, their knack for fair prices in the market, and a set of very knowledgeable and friendly staff. All of this adds up to a great experience for the customer right from the start as they walk in to the store, to finish, as they savour that last bite of ice cream.

Saravana Stores is a Chennai-based, diversified chain of retail stores, and with Jamaai ice creams they witnessed their entry into the food industry in Chennai. They manufacture and market their ice creams across the city, maintaining integrity and an unfailing commitment to quality and value.

The retailing mantra that rules any of Saravana Stores’s businesses – “low margin, high turnover” – is applied to Jamaai also. This is one of the things we love about their stores and their retail style. It goes with their saying – “Super ice cream for a super price”. Saravana Stores is also engaged in retailing of a wide range of products, including stainless steel utensils, jewellery, textiles, consumer durables, provisions, eateries, and home and lifestyle products.

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