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Lead Generation Ad Services For A Leading Salon Brand


  1. Our strategy will be executed across Facebook, Instagram and Lead generation ads.

  2. We recommend it is important that the marketing be localized for the Chennai Market for increased resonance with our audience. These can include nods to local festivals, increased engagement with local influencers, and more "real world" content from the branches at Chennai. The current practice of "one size fits all" will not do, especially for the Chennai market.

  3. Under Facebook and Instagram Marketing, we will develop a content calendar keeping in mind Instagram as the primary platform of deployment. Hence things like grid layout, vertical video and Remixes become important to our strategy. We suggest that brands that keep Instagram as their primary focus exude a greater level of "future focus" in the eyes of the current generation of customers.


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  1. Concepts that can work include Whistle Podu - the art of whistling and breathing that can clear your mind; Light the way - an allusion to the various "light centric" political party symbolism in the area; and Sanglish - a look at the various local, ancient customs and how they have transcended boundaries across the world.

  2. We will work in co-ordination with brand guidelines, and with the creative team to product photos, gifs, videos, reels, and remixes on our page. We will take care of the content writing and hashtag optimization as well; along with posting the content provided. We will also leverage cross-promotion opportunities with the social media handles of celebrities, our founding team and endorsements that we have received; tying this into greater brand awareness and app downloads. We can leverage a greater awareness nationally, and internationally of yoga in the news. We will handle response management on the pages.

  1. When it comes to lead generation, we will be running ads (paid to Facebook), across Instagram and Facebook which will result in people giving us their contact details, to be auto populated in a Google Sheet. We will be targeted in our advertising approach, looking at people interested in wellness; located within 5 miles of our studios.

  2. We will be setting up Data Studio reports to monitor the insights and progress of the page among the local audience in realtime.

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