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Learn About Our YouTube Advertising Agency |

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Learn About Our YouTube Advertising Agency |

Sociall.In is your one solution for all your marketing needs as you know. After all, we are the original SPO company. Our marketing strategies are planned particularly for your business to meet the needs of YOUR business whatever it need be. One of the Internet Marketing strategies is YouTube advertising which offers a huge rate of conversion than one can imagine. While being the cheapest among the PPC marketing strategies, it is also the most fun- to run Ad videos on YouTube! Having a YouTube advertising agency takes your business to people who are in search of the products that you offer due to the very effective advertising algorithm of YouTube. And also YouTube has the ability to take your business to billions of people because one creative video with the right marketing strategy can achieve a huge reach like nothing else because as you know WE all love video contents when it comes to commercial ads more than posts. So now you have it! We love quirky business videos as everyone else and we are ready to take you on your business’s YouTube advertising strategy!

Attentive and Adaptable

The very important trait that we consider to decide the success of a marketing campaign is the ability to adapt to the fast-changing rules of the Internet. If you have good content and it is not marketed the right way, then there are chances that your amazing video content doesn't reach the target numbers as you set. So you need an agency who knows the Internet and its tricks and trade, someone who has a clear vision of the marketing strategy to go forward in any kind of situation. And that is what we exactly are. With years of experience in Supply Path Optimization, we handle each platform with knowledge and expertise that we possess in the marketing field as a YouTube advertising agency. Our first rule is “Know the business” to devise the perfect marketing strategy according to the campaign’s purpose and budget because the Internet is an open game field where skill is all that matters. If you agree with us, then we are your one place to go for your YouTube Advertising needs!

How It Works:

We start our work from creating and managing a YouTube page for your company posting them with relevant and engaging content and videos. And then we come up with a bidding strategy that serves your purpose and budget. With YouTube being cost-effective, we make the best plan to bid on the most relevant keywords with the changing demographics of the Internet. The PPC on YouTube includes only 2 components, CPC(Cost Per Click) and CPV(Cost Per View) which gives you the value for your money. And then we set your targeting options, targeting the most relevant topics, kinds of audience based on interests and search phrases and certain YouTube videos relevant to your business to make it reach your people. 


Our Mantra:

Part of the success of any business lies in having a good relationship with the clients and it is true in our field of business. Perhaps, even very necessary for a thriving campaign. We tend to achieve that by our honesty and transparency with our clients. We do what we say we can and sometimes even more than that but never less. With more than 7 years of experience on the field and after handling 100+ clients, we know how vital that attribute is. We give you support whenever you need it and take all of your points when achieving a plan. We are hard-workers doing smart work on the field. So when you come to us, there is nothing for you to worry other than stating your desired outcome out of the campaign. 

A Complete Tool Set


Bumper ads- These are the ads playing before your YouTube ads but which can be skipped after 5 secs.

Sponsored Cards- These are the ones that come in suggestions in relevance to the videos you are watching on YouTube.

All six of the formats have the ability to increase your ROI and the trick lies in choosing the right strategy and continuing them with the right toolset to extract the maximum advantage from them. We have the best team of experts who dive into your business to come up with the right strategy for you and do consistent marketing to keep up with the trend. Analysing success and behaviour of the YouTube campaigns is easier when compared to other platforms due to the tools that YouTube presents. So all you need is someone who knows how to handle the available Internet tools and we hope we are not over stressing on the fact that we are them! But truly, we are! Don’t believe us? Read our client’s testimonials. Still not good? Work with us to know us better!

Our YouTube advertising agency isn’t all about running video ads. There are different formats to run your ads on YouTube and it is necessary to be expert in all of them to be a reliable YouTube advertising agency and we have a great deal of command in promoting all formats of YouTube ads! The different formats are,

Display Ads- The ones you see in the top right corner of the YouTube page when your video is playing.

Overlays - The ones which cover the below 20% of the YouTube videos.

Skippable video ads- The ones which play before your YouTube video which can be skipped.

Non-skippable video ads- The ones that you can’t skip before watching it fully before your YouTube video is played. Contact Us

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VGP Victory House, அண்ணா சாலை, Mount Road, Anna Salai, Triplicane, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600002.

Phone: 78248 68277

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