Linkedin Vanity URLs


There are a certain class of people who have to be professional in absolutely everything. The Linkedin vanity URL gives you that extra edge to your professional profile. Is it something that you have to do ? No, but it helps.

What is a vanity URL?

Networks such as Facebook, Twitter and Google+ allow people to create custom URLs for themselves. Something like this – This URL looks a lot better than

How do I get my Vanity URL?

It’s rather simple.

1. Login to Linkedin.

2. Click on Profile.

3. Click on Edit Profile.

4. You should see your profile URL below your display picture. Next to the URL, you’ll see “Edit”. Click on it.

5. To the right, you’ll see a section marked custom URL, and an option to “Customize” your URL. Click on it.

6. Enter in a custom URL for yourself. If your full name is Mithoon Chakravarthy – use it as your URL, as “mithoonchakravarthy”.

7. Save your changes.

That’s about it really. Happy linking.

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