Courtesy is another one of those values that we hold dear at Sociall. To be precise, we’re rather dearly fond of the value that is courtesy. We believe that in the corporate grind that is social media and digital marketing – being courteous is the lubricant that makes transactions go a lot smoother than if we were all yelling at each other.


Being polite should come naturally to most people – but in case it doesn’t, we don’t see any reason why we can’t be firmly polite about being polite to each other. We like it when staff wish each other a “Good Morning” or a “Good Evening” while passing each other in the (metaphysical) corridoor. There’s no harm in thanking people for the work that they do for you, and indeed, there is quite a bit of good to be had in being courteous with each other at work. We encourage the setting of firm deadlines and it’s just good manners to let people know about progress towards a deadline.

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We understand that a business usually has a lot happening. In the midst of it all, it can be hard to dedicate time to focus on the social media and digital marketing side of things. Hence we make sure that every interaction that we have with our customers is well-defined, results in actionable insights and leaves both parties feeling like they’ve won. Above all, we strive to impart to our employees that it’s important that we manage expectations and delivery with all of our customers, no matter how big or small, with alacrity, firmness and politeness. “Service with a (Smiley Emoji:)” is something that we take rather literally at Sociall.


The customers of our customers are also our customers. We mange thousands of interactions between our clients and their end customers. We strive to maintain a culture of being polite in the interactions we handle on behalf of our clients. It’s always best to take a heated discussion offline and deal with iit quietly and efficiently. Most of the time when customers post up grievances on social media, and w’ere called in to perform online reputation management, customers really want to know that they have been heard. Acknowledging the problem is really half way to solving it. We derive great joy in politely and decisively resolving a problem for our social media community members on behalf of our clients.