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Innovative and attractive product catalogue design

Packaging is an important factor in making your brand appear organized and creating a trustworthy impression on your customers. Whether it's a packet of candy or a standard shoe box, the packaging is just as important as the contents! 

Product packaging is essentially the product's outer shell. The exterior could be a box, a can, a bottle, a piece of wrapping, a bag, or any other type of container. It's also worth noting that designing the product's exterior necessitates a keen eye for design in the form of graphics, colours, and fonts that adhere to the brand's guidelines. 

One common brand strategy is to use your packaging to tell your brand's story. It engages us through sight, touch, and sound, while also helping us understand why the packaging is designed in the manner that it is. As we all know, when it comes to packaging, the first thing to consider is the design of the package. 

Below are two questions that helped us dive deeper into Epicurasian’s brand story, for which we provided product packaging services

What is the Nature of the Product?

This includes determining what the brand is selling, the size of the product, the materials used to make it, and so on. This may appear to be a ‘how-to’ for product packaging. But all of these details and tiny logistics are necessary to determine a user-friendly packaging design that is also secure for customers.

Who is Going to Use the Product?

This helps us determine the audience. The design of a product must appeal to its customers, regardless of their age group. A product aimed at the elderly, for example, would necessitate a larger font with bold text. Affluent customers may be drawn to a material that evokes a sense of luxury.

There are numerous brand requirements to consider when working on product packaging design. Before beginning the design, it is critical to gather a few points in order to maintain the brand’s aesthetic. When it comes to design, colours should not be overlooked because the quality and aesthetic of the colours will bear fruit when the package is printed.

It is also critical to include the correct fonts and follow all specific instructions in accordance with the brand’s guidelines. On the content front, the packaging can include copy, imagery, required marks such as bar codes, and so on.'s foray into product packaging design includes a wonderful collaboration with Epicurasian, an Asian restaurant. We completely handled product packaging design for the brand, with the brand guidelines and design criteria being strictly adhered to. Our designers collaborated to create an on-trend and perfect design for their brand, which gained widespread recognition.

Are you ready to get started on product packaging design for your brand? Contact for a free quote right away!




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