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Shopify Website Setup Strategy for a Hair Extension Brand


  1. The plan of action for the hair extension brand are Social Media Marketing.

  2. The rationale for selecting a closed-source pre-built platform like Shopify over custom/native development is that the level of integrations are much better, not to mention the security and the ease of maintenance. The rationale of choosing Shopify over Wix is that the platform is designed specifically for E-commerce. The Shopify hosting, theme and plugins (apps) charges would be at actuals.

  3. We’d begin by selecting a premium Shopify theme based on the reference websites provided. Once the theme is purchased, we’d configure the same in terms of structure, products, collections, tags and FYI content. We’d provide written content for the brand About, Blog and Product descriptions.

  4. We’d use the product images and banners already created in the relevant spaces on the website. The website process should take 1 month to complete (subject to the availability of content and approvals). We will also integrate the website with a Shipping partner and Payment gateway - both of whom would charge on actuals on a transaction basis.

  5. When the website is near finalization we can integrate the same with Google search console, Analytics, Clarity and Social Media. We can also (optionally) provide on-going website maintenance (in terms of integrating apps for additional features, managing products and coordinating with developers); as well as integrating with other e-commerce platforms like Amazon (these can be managed in one central DB through Unicommerce


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