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Social Media Advertising Strategy for a Used Car Brand in Gurugram


  1. The strategy for the used car brand based in Gurugram would be divided into two parts - the first section involves social media marketing to improve brand awareness; and the second part involves digital marketing to increase app downloads.

  2. When it comes to the first part - we will flesh out a content strategy based on the core aspect of the education portal on the website. We'll come up with a content calendar, that will incorporate aspects of the clicks-to-bricks (online-to-offline) business that is used car retail, educating customers about what is relevant for them to know in the used car space (used car buying guide) and memes based on current trends in the market to emphasize the fact that we are a smart, young brand (like Chritiano Ronaldo moving the Coke). The content calendar will also accomodate posts for important days like Independence day.


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  1. The content will begin by ideating on a video to be shot by the client. This will then be edited by us, and posted on the website, YouTube, Linkedin and Facebook/Instagram. We will also write out an educational blog post based on the same, to be published on the website with relevant graphics (for example "CNG and its relevance to the used car market", retrofitting, insurance, warranty, workshop and road side assist). We will also create posters, GIFS, reels and stories on our social media channels centred around our content calendar and videos. The idea with the content is to increase brand awareness. We will also take care of response management on social media.

Result-driven digital marketing strategies
  1. When it comes to advertising (Paid to Linkedin, Facebook and YouTube) we will be running ads to interested people located in Delhi - NCR, and Gurugram region.

  2. These ads will divide up the creatives based on the age of the audience member. For example, to students and younger people who may not be the actual decision makers we will show informational content which will help them provide input to the actual decision maker.

  3. When we move into the second phase of our strategy, these ads will be geared towards increasing app downloads. This will in turn improve our SEO, and Brand engagement. We can also post the content created on Social Media to Google My Business.

  4. We will set up a Data Studio report which will track the insights across these activities into one unified dashboard.

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