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Social Media Marketing, Advertising, Content Marketing, and Website Consultation Strategies for a...


  1. The strategy for the CRM for investment banks are website consultation (one-time), digital marketing (with the objective of brand building, personal branding of the founder.

  2. When it comes to the website consultation phase, we would work with the existing dev team to essentially set up two websites: one would be the main front end of the website, with the home page, about us, product, testimonials, contact us options; and the other would be the blogging section (powered by Wix, as opposed to custom dev for the main page) in order to create SEO friendly, high-impact long form content.

  3. With regard to the main website we’d be responsible for dividing a content map for the website, and then re-writing the content for the entire website based on our debriefing sessions with the brand. We’d also re-do the banners for the website in keeping with the overall design aesthetic of the brand.

  4. When it comes to the blog website we’d be responsible for laying it out in a “knowledge base” style architecture. We’d develop some initial content to get the section started, and then develop it over time as part of the marketing activity.

  5. When it comes to the marketing section we’d primarily focus on content marketing (with a small medium of paid marketing) as we see this more as a channel to build brand recognition in validation of existing market share rather than a “lead generation’ mechanism. Our content will help assure potential prospects that this is the best solutions provider for them to associate with.

  6. We’d set up a content calendar which would be developed based on our competition (like Tier1) and our own Search Console Data over the years. This will then translate to blogs, animated videos, and social media posts that will help us grow our digital footprint - and maintain it consistently. Ideas for content would include a feature breakdown, testimonials/case studies (with what information can be divulged) and deep dives into the industry.

  7. We’d also concise this long form, and video content to deploy it in the form of infographics on social media (primarily LinkedIn). On twitter, we’d be more aggressive in our short-form Tweeting - wherein we’d not only create updates on the platform and the industry; but we’d also @mention and be part of other conversations by our customers online.

  8. A sub-strategy of our digital marketing approach (primarily executed on LinkedIn and Facebook) would be the building of a strong employer brand in India (suffixed with the word “Recruit”). This is an area where the posts and content can talk about jobs at the company, work environment, career development and the celebration of employee milestones.

  9. On both fronts (customer and employee centric branding) we’d use a small medium of paid ads (paid to LinkedIn and Facebook) in order to increase the engagement on the content. This is primarily to project a strong front to prospective social media visitors; and drive traffic to the website to our long-form content on the website with a view to heightened brand awareness and social proof.

  10. When it comes to CEO branding we’d use LinkedIn to grow the connection base, create content (podcasts, blog posts, video discussions); and we’d be using Twitter to be part of the technology and business conversation online. We’d help in the setting up, hosting (on Anchor or YouTube) and editing of these podcasts; as well as in the writing of the content.

  11. We’d be able to set up a Data Studio report which would have different sections to track web traffic, brand engagement across social, and personal brand dev in real-


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