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Social Media Marketing, Advertising, Website Design and Maintenance for a B2C Recycling Company


Expert website maintenance services
  1. The strategy for the B2C recycling company is divided into two parts a one-time website creation activity, and a recurring website updation, social media marketing activity.

  2. When it comes to the website design - we ’d recommend Wix as a deployment platform. This is because of the cost-effective nature, the speed, and the easy updation on an on-going basis. The website will also be secure and mobile optimized. This would obviate scenarios like “ a bug ” causing the website to go down.

  3. We’d begin by selecting a template based on the references given. The Wix hosting charges would be at actuals. We’d be able to leverage our content team in order to write specialized content for the website in English (and translated to Arabic with the help of the brand). We’d also create banners for the various necessary sections of the website using the images provided as inputs.

  4. The website would be an FYI type website with Home, About Us, Facilities, Services, News, Testimonials, Volunteers and Careers section. We’d set up the menu structure of the site, slot in the content and then connect it up to the various analytics services like Google Analytics, Search Console, Clarity and Social Media.

  5. On an on-going basis we would update content on the blog/news section of the website as part of an (optional) maintenance contract.

  6. The posts would generally take the form of a carousel with a swipe-translation to Arabic (created with inputs from the brand). While creating the content we ’d be conscious of the potential future public listing of the company and the passion with which the customers view the sustainability mission of the organization.

  7. When it comes to the social media marketing (second, recurring phase) of the operation we ’d be splitting it up into two - content creation and advertising. When it comes to content creation, we ’d set up a Content Calendar which would dictate the kinds of posts, stories and reels that would go up on Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn (Short Videos on LinkedIn).

  8. Ideas for content would include deep-dives into plastic repurposing, environment related facts/quizzes/trivia and lecture highlights from leading scientists around the world in the field of climate change and recycling.

  9. We’d also handle advertising (paid to Facebook and LinkedIn) wherein we’d be able to target specific interested segments in order to increase engagement with the page and drive enquiries to the business.

  10. We’d be able to handle offline well (subbed to digital creatives at the rate of 2:1). This would help us maintain harmony across designs. We’d be able to deliver marketing presentations and other incidental design work for the brand as part of our services. We’d be able to maintain quick TATs and produce highlight events video based on input footage.

  11. We’d measure the effect our work in terms of web, social and ads by setting up and handling a live Data Studio report.


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VGP Victory House, அண்ணா சாலை, Mount Road, Anna Salai, Triplicane, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600002.

Phone: 63850 84122

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