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Social Media Marketing and Advertising, and Influencer Marketing for an Ed-tech Company

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Social Media Marketing And Advertising, And Influencer Marketing For An Ed-tech Company

  1. The strategy for the Ed-tech company are social media marketing, social media advertising, influencer marketing.

  2. When it comes to the social media marketing side of things we’d set up a content plan and have the products brought into the studio to shoot them. Optionally we can shoot at a venue, with model/influencer and makeup artist (at actuals). Ideas for the content would include a Designs by the Season Carousel, A look at the History of our Patterns, and Testimonials from past Customers.

  3. When it comes to the social media advertising side of things we’d not only boost the content to targeted users to increase engagement but also run ads to get more DMs on Instagram for sales.

  4. Influencer marketing can be taken up on a need-basis; wherein we’d select certain influencers and barter + pay them in order to achieve a cost-effective follower growth.

  5. We’d also set up a Data Studio report to track performance in real-time across ads, content and influencers (through affiliate codes).

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