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Social Media Marketing and Advertising for a Skincare Brand


ocial Media Marketing and Advertising for a Skincare Brand
  1. The idea behind the strategy for the skincare brand is to develop a long term scalable path to overall digital marketing. This would encompass content creation (social media marketing strategy and ideation), Social media advertising, Google Marketing and Influencer Marketing.

  2. When it comes to social media marketing the plan here is to create content which would flow from the branding guidelines and go in line with the advertising in order to ensure maximum conversion. We’d set up a content plan that would include things like Skincare Guides, Indian Skin 101 and product composition explainers.

  3. When it comes to advertising (paid to Facebook we’d begin with a very small activity to keep th page healthy in terms of engagement. The primary section of the budget would go towards increasing engagement among potential customers who would shop in the upper mid segment for Indian skincare products.

  4. We’d leverage influencer marketing with coupon codes in the second quarter (once we have built out our own social presence) by sending our products to prominent Instagram accounts and having them co-create content with us. This would be the best way to boost followers on the account.

  5. We’d also add in Google ads (paid to Google) in quarter two; whereas these would be specifically centred around getting us traffic from keywords where players like Nykaa are not dominant.

  6. We’d also set up a Data Studio report to track the performance across our various marketing efforts and take decisions on scale.


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