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Social Media Marketing And Advertising Strategy For An Ayurvedic Brand In India


Social Media Marketing And Advertising Strategy For An Ayurvedic Brand In India

  1. In order to build out a strong ayurvedic and herbal brand on the internet, especially during the time when most people are buying things online, is divided into two phases - the first phase involves building out an e-commerce website, and the second phase involves marketing our products on social media.

  2. In the first phase, we will set up the domain, and build out an ecommerce website using a platform like Shopify. The domain and Shopify charges will be billed at actuals.

  3.  If required, in order to customize the look of the site and give it a more aesthetic outlook we will purchase a Premium Shopify theme (at actuals). If required, we can also provide photography and content development for the website. We will also take care of integrating a payment gateway and delivery partner who will bill at actuals on a per transaction basis

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  1. In the second phase, we will set up social media accounts on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. We will also set up a content calendar which will determine the kind of content that is required for the marketing - for example, we can develop posters that focus on the health aspect of the herbs, the quality and affordability of the products; and the ease of ordering online. We will also take care of response management on the page.

  2. We will be running ads (paid to Facebook) to target potential customers looking for herbs in metro cities in India. These customers will be diverted to our website to make the purchase. We will also be setting up Data Studio reports to track the insights in realtime.Shopify will provide us with an app to monitor and update orders in the backend.

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