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Social Media Marketing And Amazon Ad Strategy For A Men’s Fashion Brand


Social Media Marketing And Amazon Ad Strategy For A Men’s Fashion Brand

  1. The strategy for the men fashion brand is divided into three parts social media marketing/content creation, advertising, and influencer marketing.

  2. The rationale behind the strategy is to achieve both online to online sales, and online to offline visits using the trifecta of content, commerce and community. The overall idea of the association with the agency is to build an active ideation funnel instead of a one-way communication of the brand objective.

  3. Regarding the content side of things - we will split into social and web; with an overarching theme of brand building and commerce centric (marketing/sales). With regard to the branding side of the content we’d post content around the sustainability aspect of the brand, the responsibility that they seek to bring to our customers, and the unique nature of the upcoming collections (a drop-style, limited quantity release). With regard to the marketing side of the content we’d focus on things like bulk offers (eschewing outright discounts), marketplace linkages, and collab-style content. We’d publish content primarily on Instagram, with a cross-share to Facebook, and use Twitter as a primary customer service vehicle. 

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