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The company was founded on 4th July, 2012 by Pradeep Rajadas VGP, grandson of the legendary VG Panneerdas of the VGP Group of Companies. Based out of a small cubicle in his father’s company building – Pradeep built the company and moved it into its current headquarters – “The Purple Office”. The Purple Office is a beautiful, creative studio located inside the VGP Victory House, Anna Salai.

Over 85 businesses are managed by Sociall.in as of October 2019. Clients range from major national english newspapers in India to small business owners. The company prides itself in the diverse nature of its client base. “Name the business type, and we have a client there”, says its founder.

Social Media Marketing Company in Chennai

Well, that’s a good question. Digital Media has reshaped the way brands and customers engage online. While in general terms, a Digital Media Marketing Company is thought to magically amplify the reach of a brand one-thousand-fold; in point of fact, we’ve found that a real (purple) Digital Media Marketing Company is more about the long slow haul of quietly building a brand that customers trust online.

Sociall.in is an Online Marketing Company in Chennai, and like all of the other good ones believes that good content is key. Where we seek to differentiate ourselves from every other online marketing company in Chennai, is in the quality of our work. Passion drives us, and we will never stop till your brand is flying high.

Facebook Marketing Agencies in Chennai

Facebook remains the de-facto social network for every business requirement. With Facebook Marketing services, we develop strategies based on your business goals, create content to drive results, and manage your social inbox. We also run highly targeted Facebook ads that can increase the Likes/Followers on your Page, make your content go “viral”, and generate business from driving customers to your website.

Instagram Marketing Agencies in Chennai

Instagram is a highly visual platform and is best suited for the business looking to target the creative crowd. When we market your business on Instagram we include our award-winning photo+video service as a part of the strategy. We use stories, GIFs (however you want to pronounce them), stop-motions, polls and the odd super zoom to build the Instagram profile that your business needs.

LinkedIn Marketing Agencies in Chennai

There’s no better platform for B2B marketing than the business social network. Everyone who matters in the corporate world is on LinkedIn. We can target people based on Industry, Location, Experience and Job Function. We pproduce business content like blogs, infographics, case-study and reports to make sure your discerning corporate customer is impressed.

YouTube Marketing Agencies in Chennai

The language-agnostic nature of YouTube makes it a platform to reach the masses like no other. We produce high-quality, digital-first video content. We then market it using the YouTube ads platform gaining your views from your target location and interest categories. Worried about Skip-ads? Don’t be – you don’t pay when people skip your ads. And always remember that a YouTube “View” is worth 4x a Facebook View.

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One of the best Digital marketing available in Chennai. Happy with the prompt and amazing service. All the best guys!!!
Pooja Mathew

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