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Social Media Marketing, Content Marketing, and LinkedIn Advertising for a Transport SaaS Company

Social Media Marketing, Content Marketing, And LinkedIn Advertising For A Transport SaaS Company

  1. The strategy for the transport SAAS (Fleet management) company is based on content marketing, and moderate paid distribution LinkedIn.

  2. When it comes to the content marketing section we can further break it down into blog writing (LinkedIn Pulse), Social Media Posts on LinkedIn Page and animated videos production.

  3. Ideas for content would include long-form blogs on productivity increases case studies engineered by the software, an animated video explaining expense tracking in the software (VO and Music at actuals) and posts breaking down testimonials from past customers (including details of the feature utilized).

  4. We can also run moderate paid ads (paid to LinkedIn) to achieve the dual objective of driving traffic to the website and building engagement to the content among CTOs and CIOs of mid-size fleet companies across India.

  5. We can leverage our LinkedIn page to also create content that would attract talent to the organization. We’d be able to measure the progress of the ads and the content using a Data Studio report.

  6. Optionally we can look at setting up SEMRush which would help us study competition and optimize Google Ads (paid marketing) in order to get clicks from search keywords like “Fleet management Software”.

  7. Additionally, we’d be able to cross-share our content on Facebook in order to reach non-tech fleet owners who aren’t on LinkedIn. We’d also be able to run localized ads on Facebook (paid to Facebook) in order to build audiences on the platform.

  8. Our ads would be split between LinkedIn and Facebook based on the geo-location of our audience and the level of their tech penetration. We’d be able to reach audiences through YouTube instream ads (paid to Google) as well. We can add in localized language versions of our ads and content in order to increase their relevance as well.

  9. We can take charge of working with the tech team to optimize the landing pages to ensure maximum conversion over-time from our SEM ads.

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