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Social Media Marketing, LinkedIn Ads, SEO, and SEM for a B2B Industrial Buy Platform

Social Media Marketing, LinkedIn Ads, SEO, And SEM For A B2B Industrial Buy Platform

SEO and SEM activities to build brand value and trust
  1. When it comes to the LinkedIn Marketing (Social Media Content Creation) we’d set up a content calendar and post about our various products, offers, and corporate benefits on the platform. We’d create posters, blog posts and short videos explaining the simplicity and Tax/Price benefit of the platform.

  2. We’d also set up Paid Marketing on LinkedIn (Paid to LinkedIn) wherein we’d boost our content so that it reaches Chief Procurement and Operations officers at various corporates across the country. We’d be able to direct them o our website where they can make enquiries for direct partnerships and bulk buys.

  3. We’d also use some of the LinkedIn pulse Blog articles on our website and build backlinks to the same so that overtime the website can organically rank on the first page of Google Search. These keywords would include things like Category Based Industrial Purchase keywords.

  4. To get immediate results we’d also benchmark against competition and run Google Ads (paid to Google) in order to increase the clicks to the website from people in the target geo searching for the keywords.

  5. These ads would take the form of Product Listing Ads, and general search ads against Brand and Industry type keywords.

  6. We’d be able to measure our activity across LinkedIn, SEO, and SEM using a Data Studio report which would help us judge market penetration in real-time

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