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Social Media marketing Services

Social Media Marketing Services

Facebook Facebook is the mother ship. The largest social network on the planet, and in the history of the human race. Facebook has more users in India, (No comma required) than Twitter has in the world. Facebook There are more than 100 million Facebook Business Pages marketing themselves on the platform today. In order to stand out, you need great content, a hyper-targeted audience, and excellent customer service.

Facebook Marketing in Chennai
10 Instagram Marketing Agency
Instagram Marketing Company in Coimbatore

Instagram The genius acquisition by Facebook that is (The word that is not required) now worth more than Pinterest. Instagram is where all the cool kids live. The platform is beautiful, fast (oxford comma required here) and mobile-first. Business(should be businesses) should seek to be part of the natural conv ersation(extra space should be deleted) of Instagram. Translation: Don’t post creatives (alone). Photography and Influencer Marketing are integral to a successful Instagram Marketing Strategy.

Twitter While Twitter isn’t all that great for city-specific targeting it is (No Hyphen required) un-paralleled in terms of customer service. Who should be on Twitter? Every business that cares a flying hoot about providing real-time, meaningful customer service.

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Pinterest So, Pinterest is a primarily women-dominated platform. While the usage in India is not all that impressive, it still remains a viable source of backlinks for SEO strategies and a beautiful online repository of your catalogue.

YouTube We’d like to state that there is no platform like YouTube on earth for video. Facebook (Need an article such as "A" or "The" before the word facebook) video might be fun to get the “virality” going – but true distribution for video content (long-form) comes(comes to*) ONLLY (spelling error) from YouTube. Businesses need to create video content, and they need to create it at scale with high-quality. Luckily, there’s a great video production company in Chennai called

YouTube Advertising Company in Coimbatore
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Google+ We used to recommend Google+ for the SEO; but now, it’s shut. We do however STRONGLY recommend Google My Business. A business that does not have a vibrant GMB page today is truning (spelling error) its back on the world’s largest search engine.

Linkedin Who is on LinkedIn today? Anyone that matters. While LinkedIn isn’t a must for “fun” B2C Businesses, it is absolutely require(required*) for B2B Businesses. You need to have a LinkedIn Page. The quality of your LinkedIn Promotion is directly proportional to the quality of the candidates you can attract.


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