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Social Media Marketing Specialist Jobs In Chennai

SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING SPECIALIST JOBS IN CHENNAIRole: Social Media Marketing Specialist Location: Chennai, Tamil Nadu Must Haves

  1. Proficiency in English.

  2. Expertise in social media management.

  3. Knowledge of photoshop and graphic design.About Our Agency is a leading digital marketing firm owned and operated by the VGP Group, based in Chennai. Our work involves outsourced digital marketing requirements from small, medium, and large-scale businesses across various industries. With over 100+ accounts in India and a few international clients, has established itself as one of the top players in the digital marketing industry. The Candidate We Are Looking For We are seeking a social media marketing specialist who has expertise in content writing, social media marketing, and graphic design, preferably in Chennai. We are particularly interested in candidates who are well versed in the English language and can write and edit quality and creative content consistently.

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