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Social Media Marketing Strategy for a Vegan Fashion Brand


Creative content plan to attract customers and boost sales
  1. The strategy for the vegan fashion accessories brand is divided into two parts - social media marketing and social media advertising.

  2. Before we embark on social media marketing we will ensure the set up of Google Search Console, Google Merchant Centre, Google My Business, Google Analytics, Microsoft Clarity (for recording user sessions), Facebook Shop and WhatsApp Commerce (if required - through a platform like Zoko)

  3.  As part of the social media marketing we will set up a branding document which will tie together the entire story of the brand across digital and product experiences. We will set up a content calendar which will dictate the kind of content that will go up on Facebook and Instagram.


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  1. Content ideas include stories on the sustainability, and "No cruelty to animals" aspect of the brand; content on the innovative materials we use - including microfibre; the story of the founder and the "symmetry" behind the name of the brand; and ASMR type Reels of the product unboxing experience.

  2. We will take care of styled pictures as part of the marketing to facilitate grid based layouts on the Instagram Page. We will also take care of response management on the page. We'd do a newsletter every month focussing on some of our standout customers and the experiences that they enjoyed through the brand.

  3. We will also be running ads (paid to Facebook) to achieve the two fold objective of increasing clicks to the website and followers on social media to drive brand awareness. We'll be targeting customers in the bracket of 25-40 located in metros who have interests in causes like sustainable living, climate change and vegan lifestyles.

  4. We'll be setting up a Data Studio report to track the progress in realtime.

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