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The Social Media Expert

Pradeep Rajadas is the founder of – the original SPO Company.
He is the grandson of the legendary VG Panneerdas, of the VGP Group of Companies.


Pradeep has been addressing gatherings since the age of 14. He has spoken at various fora on social media marketing for businesses – including IIT and the National Entrepreneurship Network. A powerful orator, Pradeep is known for his rhetoric, force, and authority on his subject.


Pradeep blogs at He loves discussing issues that businesses and entrepreneurs face while making their organizations more social. He is also a frequent contributor to Social Media blogs, and pens regular editorials on the subject.

Social Media Expert

Pradeep has been in constant contact with the folks at Facebook, Linkedin and Google to find new and interesting ways for businesses to connect to their customers on social media. He is an expert at social media ads and social -brand strategies.

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