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The Different Facebook Page Roles


Just like you do at an office, Facebook lets you assign different roles for people to manage a business account. These five roles have different levels of permissions and can carry out each operation as required. Manager, Moderator, Advertiser, Analyst, and Content Creator are the five different roles that can be assigned. When a person creates an account, they automatically become the manager of the page. The manager of the page will be able to assign roles to other people. Your business is bound to have different people handling different roles. So, you can assign your employees or teammates appropriate roles to carry out their respective activities. For example, you can give the content creator role to the content team while giving the advertiser role to the digital marketing team. This way, the manager gets to overlook all operations on the Facebook page, avoiding all sorts of confusion or hassles. To make things more clear for you, we have created this infographic containing detailed information about what each role can and is supposed to do.


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