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The Three Powerful Social Media Listening Tools

THE THREE POWERFUL SOCIAL MEDIA LISTENING TOOLS If a genie came in and offered you three wishes, the power to read people’s minds would definitely be among the items we’d consider. The business world is quite similar, except that there are tools and platforms which enable something that is nearly close to reading people’s minds. Social media monitoring or social listening provides you with access to what existing, potential, and past consumers are saying about your brand, the industry, or your competitors - on social media and across the internet. And it must be important - considering three-quarters of businesses invest in social media that translates to performance in business. How does it work? Essentially, if you know how to word the queries well and filter out the results effectively, we’re confident you should end up with authentic and unbiased insights about your offerings.Here’s our infographic on the best social media listening tools to enable you to gain and act on the insights.

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