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Website Building and SEO Strategy for a Vacuum Elevator Brand in Dubai


SEO and SEM activities to build brand value and trust
  1. The strategy for the vacuum elevators brand in the Dubai operation is divided into three phases: the first phase involves website setup, the second involves SEO+SEM and the third involves Social Media Marketing (based on CPC projections on the SEM).

  2. In the first phase, we will be doing a migration of the website for the Dubai region and building a Squarespace website to accomodate the same. Having a distinct Dubai centric website that covers all of the three products we offer is essential; given the premium nature of the brand and the need for local language content. Squarespace hosting charges and premium theme (if required) will billed at actuals. The advantage of going with Squarespace is that it will be quick to setup, performant, secure and backed-up. It will obviate the need for incurring these charges outside.

  3. The website would be an FYI type website with an About, Products, Contact section. The product page will make necessary allocations for PDFs and specs. The layout of the website will be based on the layout of the competitor's website; and all images and assets will be optimized before upload.


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  1. When it comes to the second phase (the website setup phase should take 3 weeks) we will begin the Google Adwords (SEM/PPC) and SEO. We will create ads in the local language as well as English and run them against keywords - directing searchers to the landing pages (for respective products) on our website. We will take care of keyword optimization and bid-conversion optimization on the ads. We will also create content on our website for the selected keywords and build backlinks for the same so that over time, our website organically ranks for the keywords. This will help increase trust in the brand and avoid an over-reliance on Adwords. With specific regard to setting up SEM budgets, we've done market research on a select pack of keywords (for each product vertical), to estimate their monthly search volume and adverage bid. We'd recommend a starting point of capturing 10 percent of the search mark available. In the second month, we can look at streamlining the budget based on the competition and what keywords are converting.

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