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Website Design, Social Media Marketing, and Google Ads Strategy for a Resort Brand

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Website Design, Social Media Marketing, And Google Ads Strategy For A Resort Brand

Professional website design services to add brand value
  1. The strategy for the resort brand is divided into website design (one-time), social media marketing, google ads.

  2. When it comes to the website, we’d recommend a Wix based approach. This is more secure, faster and easier to maintain than Wordpress or Custom PHP. We’d select a template for the Wix website based on the references.

  3. It will be an FYI type website with a Home, About Us, Testimonials, Events, Stay, and Contact Us section. We’d also rewrite the content on the website based on the inputs given, and update the pictures in the new design with logo, colours, fonts and placements.

  4. Once the website is ready we’d integrate the Channel manager (after effecting the changeover) and connect it up to Google Search Console, Analytics, Clarity and Social Media.

  5. We’d also initiate the stage of social media marketing. When it comes to the retainer element we’d create content according to a content calendar. The content would be divided across subjects like leisure travel (FIT), corporate events, and personal events (weddings). We’d have the video team travel to the resort (at actuals) to create photos and reels as and when required for the content calendar (at a once-monthly basis).

  6. When it comes to the social media advertising (paid marketing) side of things we’d run lead generation ads to increase the number of potential weddings and events guests; and we’d also run ads to increase the engagement of our content among the target audience.

  7. Optionally, in order to enhance the corporate and wedding related bookings, we can run Google ads for people looking at destination and resort-style events in the vicinity of the resort. These would be PPC ads on Google and land users on our website where they can convert. We can set up a Data Studio report to track all aspects of our website and marketing in one dashboard.

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