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Website Development, Social Media Marketing, Social Media Advertising, Logo Designing, Package De...

Website Development, Social Media Marketing, Social Media Advertising, Logo Designing, Package Designing, And Youtube Ads For A Fragrance Brand

  1. The strategy for the fragrance brand involves the logo, packaging, Shopify website development (with content creation) and social media marketing.

  2. When it comes to the logo and the packaging, we ’d take references from other brands and create a logo in terms of artwork, name and tagline. These would be set to different colours and fonts, and adaptations would be done to arrive at the final output.

  3. From the logo, the packaging would flow in terms of aesthetics and style. Ideally, we ’d define a master packaging like “Floral” and then have sub-types based on individual sub-units

  4. We ’d also initiate the development of the Shopify website in terms of setup 0Shopify hosting charges and domain at actuals). We ’d select a theme (at actuals) based on references and keeping in mind our brand aesthetic, and connect the same to the site

  5. We ’d have the products brought into the studio and initiate styled as well as white background pictures for the products (Props, if required, at actuals) based on inputs given by the brand, we ’d draw out a content framework for the site; including for the Home, About Us, Blog, Categories (Categories) and Product pages

  6. Once the website is finished; we ’d set up Google Analytics, Search Console and Merchant Centre. We ’d also connect up Clarity; and set up connections to social media pages created for the purpose.

  7. We ’d initiate social media marketing in terms of the content calendar (Which would govern the kinds of posts) on Facebook, Instagram, Youtube and Pinterest. We ’d use the products in the studio to create GIFS, reels (as Shorts) and photo posts for the pages

  8. Ideas for content would include trivia-based content like the Science of Smell, and Aroma Therapy; as well as contests and giveaways to drive follower growth.

  9. We ’d combine this with a structured ad campaign 9to platform) in order to drive visitors to the website; either from audience targeting (Sil media) or from search (Google)

  10. We ’d set up a Data Studio Report which would help us track visitors to the site as well as conversions and brand building through content. In real-time across channels.

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