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Website Redesign, SEO, and Social Media Marketing Strategy for a Construction Dewatering Company


Premium, user-friendly website design
  1. The strategy for the Dewatering Systems Provider are website redesign (one-time), Google Marketing (SEO + SEM), Linkedin Marketing.

  2. When it comes to website redesign we’d recommend we rebuild the website from scratch with fresh content on the Wix platform. This will ensure that the company is not tired down to a particular vendor for changes on the site. This will also ensure performance, security and cost efficiency. The Wix charges would be at actuals.

  3. We’d select a template from the reference website provided and begin customizing the same in terms of logo, colours, banners, menu and content (based on the inputs provided). We will build out an FYI type website with a Home, About Us, Services, Testimonials and Contact Us option.

  4. Once the website is ready (the process would take a month) we’d connect it to Google Analytics, Google Search Console and Clarity.

  5. We’d then begin the stage of digital marketing - wherein with regard to Linkedin we’d use it as a branding channel. We’d post regular content as per a content calendar with ideas like The Importance of Dewatering, our experience in the field, and testimonials from our customers. We’d also couple that with an advertising (paid to Linkedin) strategy wherein we’d boost our content so that it reaches key stakeholders in the construction builder industry who are looking at dewatering services. We’re inclined to view Linkedin as more of a branding channel here rather than a lead generation platform.

  6. We’d use Google Marketing to increase our lead inflow. Since our websites already rank on Google for our most direct term, the objective here is to beat out the competition by ranking for more varied terms like “well point development services”. We’d achieve this by creating blogs on our website and building backlinks to the same. We’d also correct any on-page issues while doing this.

  7. We’d be running Google Ads (paid to Google) against select keywords like “Dewatering services in Chennai” and directing them to landing pages on our website where they can generate enquiries. We’d set up a Data Studio report to track performance in real-time of our marketing and website activities.

  8. One of the key elements of differentiators on the website front is the content side of things - seeing as this is a highly technical subject. To that end - apart from the written content we can also provide our team on a site is it to the plant (travel at actuals) to take upto 15 pictures which can be used as Banners on the site. Apart from this - any additional images/banners can be either edited from existing material or purchased (at actuals) from sources online.

With regard to the time quotient on SEO - in the initial stages the practice of on-page requires content addition and meta tag re-writing for the website (which would require larger time inputs). After this process, the second stage of building backlinks from forums is a longer term process (requiring comparatively less technical effort, but similar time constraints)


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